My Journey: A Snapshot

The Little Apple
Whenever I tell people I attended college in Manhattan, their mind automatically goes to NYU. Not so, my friend. Head way West and you’ll be in America’s “Little Apple” — Manhattan, Kansas. Home of the Wildcats and tons of purple. Before graduating in the humid summer of 2008, I was a nerd of nerds, studying all things communications, with a focus on rhetoric and political communication.
Campaigns and Capitol Hill
Two days after graduating college, I hit the campaign trail, working as communications director for one of the most contested congressional campaigns in the nation. Fielding sneaky e-mails from reporters and pouring my heart into speechwriting, we were victorious in November. To the victor goes the spoils. I jetted East to work on Capitol Hill, dabbling in social media, various policy issues, and constituent services.
Restaurant Social Media Marketing
My leap into entrepreneurship happened in December 2009 after I decided to exit Capitol Hill for Chicago. For three years, I helped restaurants blow-up their digital presence via social media. Part consultant, part Twitter nut. With my skillful writing skills, I helped my client form warm, strong bonds, leading to increased sales and brand awareness.
Success and Business Coaching
In the fall of 2013, I officially jumped into a life coaching program at the International Coach Academy. Here I am, building my second business. And I’m loving every damn minute of it. Today, I help individuals takes success to new lives in their own life. 

About Me


Josh Hersh, here! Welcome to my little slice of the interwebs. So glad you could join me.

Stuck. Un-stuck.

Bewildered. Enlightened.

Digging for answers. Coming up for air.

My journey to where I am today wasn’t always a warm and fuzzy, yellow brick road (hint: I’m a native Kansan).

No, no, no.

Life, for me, is the cliche we hear so often: filled with twists and turns.

I’ve traveled from Kansas to our nation’s capitol, and now the Windy City (Chicago). From whipping up words for a United States congresswoman to consulting restaurants large and small on the ins and outs of social media marketing, entrepreneurship is really close to my heart.

So, here I am. I’ve actually been waiting for you.

Are You Ready To Embody Your Greatness?

We are bombarded by images of supposed greatness. Of fame, notoriety, money, and power.

The things is, Your Greatness is unlike anyone in the history of this world. There has never been anyone with your unique DNA, thumbprints, laugh, or life experiences.

Many of us don’t get what we want or aren’t where we want to be in life because we try so hard to mimic the greatness of someone else. Someone out there. On the television screen. In magazines. Or that person in our life we secretly envy.

But it’s not what you DO in the world that grants you Your Greatness.

Greatness is our birthright. Your birthright.

Unfortunately, too many of us have forgotten this. We swirl around this life believing greatness is “out there”.

I want to let you in on a little secret: Your Greatness — your heart, mind, spirit, and body have been there since you left the womb and stumbled into this vibrant, mysterious world. 

Are you ready to FINALLY embody Your Greatness?

In your breath. The way you walk. The way you talk. In the action you take. In the thoughts you think.

Are you ready to see and believe that Your Greatness has been there all along?

It’s been dormant and pushed aside. Forgotten. Your Greatness has been crouched down in the corner, waiting to be heard. To be noticed.

Let’s Get Going

So, in a nutshell, that’s why I’m here.

That’s why I want you.

I want to work with you to help you uncover Your Greatness that’s already inside of you.

To finally make that change in your life. Build that business. Get in shape. Transform the way you view yourself and the world. To believe once and for all that you are enough.

I will help you get where you want to be. Now, you’re going to have to do the bulk of the world. We’re partners in this. But I have an insatiable desire to come alongside people. People like you.

To cheer you on. Pushing you to your limits. Giving you the accountability you want and need.

To get clear on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

I’ll tell you, it’s not an easy road. But the reward is magically delicious.

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