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Josh Hersh

Josh Hersh, life coach and entrepreneur, works alongside thoughtful gay men to help them craft a life bursting with joy, love, and purpose. He also works with time-starved freelancers and solopreneurs to boost productivity and grow their business. He founded The Thoughtful Gay Man, whose mission is to create a world where every gay man lives empowered and from the heart. He currently lives in Chicago with his boyfriend, Sergio.

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No More Selling Myself Short

A few weeks ago, I was catching up with a dear friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile. A few months ago, I cooked a three-course vegan dinner for her, my boyfriend, and a few other people I really treasure having in my life. My friend turned to her friend...
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Are You Fed Up Yet?

No more niceties. Now, I’m usually a pretty even-tempered, easygoing guy. Heck, I’ve billed myself as “The Thoughtful Gay Man”. Even though I try to approach most of my life with gentleness, graciousness, and a level of cool-headed playfulness, when it comes to changing habits, it’s another story. Way less...
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