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How Many Kansans Actually Voted to Ban Same-Sex Marriage?

My dear, home state of Kansas. The politicians leading that state – headed by conservative Governor Sam Brownback, along with one-time moderate and Attorney General Derek Schmidt – keep repeating a line, again and again, justifying why discriminating against same-sex couples is legitimate. Last month, Brownback repeated the mantra, loud and clear,...
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Confessions of a Money Hoarder

For much of my life, I have believed that debt is something to fear like the plague. That owing money to another person, bank, or entity is a definite no no. As an entrepreneur, I’ve lived in a state of fear much of the time. Fear that clients will back...
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The United States of Fear

Growing up in church, I prayed often for God to bless America. We see it on our money. That God blesses America. I never really thought about it, but I assume a blessing is this general good-will toward another person or group of people. A prayer that’s been floating in...
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