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Speed of Nature. Speed of Man.

  Nature’s pace is laid-back leisure. Babbling brooks. Growth of grass. A tree’s expanse. Slow. Gentle. Taking its time. There is a calm about nature’s pace. It’s in no rush or hurry. To produce. Prove. Get here or there. Nature speeds up in occasional bursts. Titan tornado. Hefty hurricane. Blustery blizzard. Snapshots...
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A Morning Meditation on Love

Gaze into the mirror and witness a beautiful soul. The heart moves for more graciousness, peace, and beauty. Melt into the infinite love that flows from within us. Love that comforts each other and heals the world. Close your eyes and think of all the smiles out there. All of...
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Forgiveness In The World

Forgiveness. Grace. I’ve been basking in Philip Yancey’s “What’s So Amazing About Grace” lately and feeling overwhelmed (in a good way) about the beauty, difficulty, and unfairness that surrounds grace. Since we live in the age of Google and all, my first inclination was to see what’s been reported in...
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