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Gay Men and The Path To Forgiveness

It’s not difficult to find a gay man who has been hurt by another gay man.  Sure, there might be different degrees of hurt. Some offenses were probably more subtle, while others were more blatant and outward. Regardless, they all can leave a mark. The reality is that many gay...
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SURVEY: When You Hear “Gay Community”

As a life coach and generally Curious George-like human being, I’m fascinated by what people really mean/see/envision when they use particular words and phrases. Ask five different gay men what feelings arise when they hear the phrase “gay community”, you’ll likely get five wildly different answers. Or at least a variety. This week,...
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You Belong In The Gay Community

There’s a belief that gets regurgitated again and again within the gay community. I hear it in different variations from gay men. It often comes with a force of incredible certainty. A short, yet powerful statement.  I don’t belong. Gay men all across this country feel these three words with incredible...
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