Hi, there. Josh here!

Quite often I tell people I’m a life coach and then receive a quizzical look.

Perhaps your head is turned, wondering exactly what it is I do when I work with folks.

In short, I work with (primarily) gay men to help them conquer, overcome, achieve a feat in their life that they haven’t been able to accomplish on their own.

My work is to come alongside you. To help you close that gap between what you have and what you really freakin’ want. 

I simply adore working with people who are thirsty for life. 

Today. At this very moment. As you’re reading this.

Maybe you’re one them.

You’re an adventurer at heart. A creative that’s been hiding in the closet.

You’re craving more love, but a little afraid to take a bold step forward.

Your spirit craves freedom, a new start, a new path.

Maybe you’re a tad bit nervous to move forward. That’s A-okay. But I know you’re courageous deep down.

Are you one of the daring who thirsts for life? If so, I’m asking you to step forward.

I won’t make you. I won’t twist your arm.

I only work with gay men who are ferociously thirsty for life.

For wholeness. For soulness. 

The ones who are ready to quench that thirst for more.

In Love, Work, and Life.

If you are committed, willing, and ready, please step forward.




Beyond January is a short-term, one-on-one coaching program to help you clarify your goals, build a solid plan for success, and get support implementing it!


 Heads Up — I Don’t Work With Everyone.

A few things to know about me: I adore action-takers. “Someday” isn’t in my vocabulary. If it’s worth getting, start today. Slackers, fakers, and cowards need not apply.

I solely work with gay men who…

  • Are fed up with a ho-hum life. That could be in love, work, or the depths of your soul.
  • Have an insatiable appetite for leading an adventurous life.
  • Possess a spark of the divine that’s waiting to be unleashed in a new industry or outlet.
  • Are itching to make a daring move in a BIG way.
  • Are simply tired of the damn status quo.

Are You REALLY Thirsty for Life? Wait. No. Longer.

This 30-minute session will help you get more clear about where you’re headed. What the next chapter of your life could look like, what’s driving you, and what roadblocks could get in the way. And it’s a perfect opportunity to see if we’re a good fit to work together. Click below to book this complimentary session.