The Thoughtful Gay Man Chicago: Coming This Fall

Coming this FALL

First off — I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun-filled summer! I know, I know…summer isn’t quite over YET, despite the fall-like temperatures as of late. But I wanted to fill everyone in on what’s coming down the pike this fall with The Thoughtful Gay Man Chicago.

If you’re a gay man living in Chicago and you want to a) make new gay friends b) do fun things c) grow personally/spiritually/emotionally and beyond, our events are designed for you.

Coming in September, we’re going to kick off with a Thoughtful Gay Man “Open House” at RE:Chiropractic — a beautiful, living-giving space — in the heart of Andersonville. Stay tuned for the dates or be sure to sign up on our page.

That being said, here’s a preview of what’s to come this fall…

  • Book Clubs: I recently selected three books we’ll be reading this fall — we’ll reveal them at our Open House! My hope is that we’ll all be stretched and challenged by each book. Contact me if you’re interested in opening up your home to host a monthly book club. If there is enough interest, we’ll have multiple book clubs on different nights and locations.
  • Gratitude Potlucks: Let’s combine eating delicious food and injecting it with a heavy dose of gratitude. Sound good?! This is a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy some scrumptious fall fare. And who doesn’t love a good potluck? If you’re interested in hosting a potluck, let me know.
  • Service Projects: Let’s do good, together! This fall, I’d love to see several community service project organized where we can serve our community and city. If you know of any organizations in need of some helping hands, please contact me.
  • Thoughtful Outings: Now, not THAT kind of outing. I’m talking about taking advantage of all our city has to offer, together, and with a thoughtful bent to it. That could be a movie night, visiting an art gallery, open mic night, or other cultural activity. If you have some activities in mind, please shoot me an e-mail.

I’m super excited for this fall and of the thoughtfulness it will entail! If you live in Chicago, please be sure to sign up on our page. If you’re not in Chicago and have friends who live here, please pass this link along to them. :)

Written by

Josh Hersh

Josh Hersh, life coach and entrepreneur, works alongside thoughtful gay men to help them craft a life bursting with joy, love, and purpose. He also works with time-starved freelancers and solopreneurs to boost productivity and grow their business. He founded The Thoughtful Gay Man, whose mission is to create a world where every gay man lives empowered and from the heart. He currently lives in Chicago with his boyfriend, Sergio.