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About Josh

Hi there! I'm Josh. I've worn many hats in my professional life. Regardless of what industry I'm working in, there are a few themes that tug at me again and again.

Thoughtfulness & creating spaces where people find belonging.

It's an approach to life that dives beneath the surface, uncovering what's meaningful and mysterious. Finding ways to bring people into the fold of a specific community or connecting people who share a common curiosity.

A few projects I'm interested in weave together sometimes unexpected topics:

  • Company culture and the practice of hospitality.
  • Gay men and togetherness.
  • Wine and mindfulness.
  • Psychology and spirituality.

In my spare time, I love to geek out on (and of course drink) wine, read mostly non-fiction books, explore the city on foot, and relax with my cat, Liza. I also love ice cream!

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.


My Work In The World


Make every moment count. Plan, guide, and create space so teams and organizations can get exactly where they want to be.


Don't put it off. What is it you've always wanted but haven't quite achieved? I work one-on-one with individuals to make it happen.

03. WINE educator

Learn with heart. Leading small groups to casually discover wine in a welcoming & approachable atmosphere. I call it Winefullness.

04. event planner

Meeting design, team-building workshops, & mindful events encompass what I love creating for clients.

Events Portfolio


“The human soul doesn't want to be fixed, it simply wants to be seen and heard.”

PARKER PALMER  |  author, educator, activist


thoughtful notes

Connecting big ideas to everyday, heart-centered living.


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