My Journey To HR: The Beginning


I love new beginnings.

It’s that moment in time when life teeters on the border of terrifying and bubbling with excitement.

The photo above is from the top of Seattle's Space Needle. I took it a few years ago, when on the one day I was visiting, the sun was beaming and the sky was oh-so-blue. Expanse. Possibility. Also, a rarity in Seattle.

It was beautiful.

This sort of view is a reminder that there's beauty for those who start anew.

These questions get me excited about a new journey:

  • Where will this path lead?
  • What’s around the bend?
  • What will come of this?
  • How can I serve and make a difference?
  • Who will I encounter along the way?

My Journey to HR is a humble project of sorts. A series of blog posts documenting the process of making my way into the world of HR.

Sure, I have some ideas about the kind of company I want work for. The specific role? That’s a bit murky as I write this.

My hope is that through these posts and reflections, I’ll be able to uncover what areas of this field really speak to me. I truly believe the best way to expand our minds is to jump into the mess of things.

Dabble. Look under rocks and peek into the nooks that may hold an unexpected lesson or story. My appetite for learning is robust. My curiosity has always taken me into new places.

I'm giddy to see what unfolds. One aspect of the HR field that really resonates with me is the breadth and diversity of roles - recruiting, learning and development, training, HR business partners, people analytics, global HR, diversity & inclusion, compensation and benefits. I’m probably leaving something out.

I’m an HR newbie, after all!

The field bursts with big ideas, philosophies, fascinating, human-centered research, and most of all - centered around the people who drive businesses to success.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Whether you're an HR veteran, fellow newbie, or somewhere in between, I'm grateful to have you on board.

Pointing yourself in a new direction begins with one step.

I’m humbly approaching this project, eager to soak up knowledge, gather insights from those with experience in the field, and to have fun with it.

Buckled up? Let's go!