HR Friday Finds: Do #SHRM18 Right, Onboarding Goals, & Why Diverse Teams Thrive


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Ahhh. Sweet, sweet Friday. I took the week off work, so I've really been beefing up my HR knowledge with more LinkedIn Learning courses. I'm also a few chapters into Successful Onboarding by Mark Stein and Lilith Christiansen. Lots of fascinating insights to make onboarding more holistic and strategic. All good things.

I'm wishing all #SHRM18-goers a blast this weekend. I'll be following the action from the perch of good 'ol Twitter. Perhaps I'll be there in 2019! Also, if you forgot about Father's Day (this Sunday), here are some last minute gift ideas.

Alrighty, let's jump into HR-related news and stories from the week:

  1. Work the #SHRM18 Expo Hall Like a Pro - Workology
    SHRM's 2018 annual conference kicks off on Sunday! Andrea Devers offers pro tips to prevent overwhelm at the SHRM Expo Hall.
    • Quick takeaways: Prioritize where you want to spend your time and at what booths. Think quality over quantity. Determine your team/company's goals and ask smart questions. Make the most of your time! Read Andrea's full post for a comprehensive guide.
  2. Annual Reviews Lower Employee Engagement - Forbes
    • Bottom Line: Ongoing coaching conversations should trump annual reviews. Managers need the training to learn how to coach and the accountability to ensure it becomes part of their process. This feedback loop starts from the top of the organization.
    • The honest truth: "Even with the right coaching skills, managers may not regularly undertake this effort unless they are being held accountable for it."
    • Past vs. Future: "By focusing on what needs to be done differently in the future rather than on past mistakes, managers can impact employees in a positive and thoughtful way."
  3. How to Use Onboarding to Create Brand Champions - Gallup
    • Why this? According to Gallup, only 12% of employees strongly agree their company does a good job of onboarding new employees 
    • Quick takes: Showcase your company's uniqueness, make missions/values front and center, create memorable experiences
    • Experiences are key: "As with customers, experiences are everything to modern workers, and companies need to provide onboarding experiences -- not just information -- that mirror the identity of their organization."
    • Go deeper: To Be Happier, Favor Experiences Over Things
  4. Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better - Harvard Business Review
    • Bottom line: Our intuition about how teams work is usually off the mark. Differences should be addressed, instead of overlooked.  
    • Key takeaway: "Working on diverse teams produces better outcomes precisely because it’s harder."
    • Ah-ha moment: Interacting and working with people who see things differently is a lot like the value we find in exercise: Where there's pain, there's gain
    • Go deeper: Check out Heidi Grant's newest book, Reinforcements: How to Get People To Help You
  5. 11 First Sentences That Guarantee the Rest of Your Email Won't Get Read - Inc. / Jeff Haden
    • Why this? If you're job-hunting, networking or trying to make a professional connection.
    • What to avoid? Forced friendliness (i.e. "How was your weekend?" or "I hope this finds you well.")
    • What to do instead: First, keep it professional. Insert specificity into your openings or closings - speak to something the person you're reaching out to is working on - for example, a new book, project, etc. Get to "what you can do for the recipient (or what you want) first."
    • Super insight: "When the initial contact is through email, the relationships always starts as a professional one. Work to establish that first. Then a friendship might follow."

What's on your mind? Did any of these articles strike you in a big way? I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or questions. Leave a comment below!