HR Friday Finds: #SHRM18 Roundup, Mental Wellbeing At Work & Pride Month


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It's finally here. Day 2 of summer. Bust out the sunscreen!

Based on all of the #SHRM18 tweets I read throughout the week, it sounds like this year's conference in Chicago was one to remember!

Hot tip: The #SHRM18 roundup is at the bottom of this list.

For those recovering after this week's HR-palooza, here's a quick, no-need-to-Google-it way to read about HR-related news and stories from the week:

  1. 5 Things Leaders Can Do Now to Help End the Mental Health Crisis -
    • Bottom Line: Every. Single. Person is impacted by mental health issues in one way or another. Leaders must step up and set the example
    • Practical tips: Foster a culture of trust. Create space for mindfulness practices. Provide access to mental health resources. Think Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
    • Quotable: "Seeing our employees as people -- and not simply resources to help us achieve a revenue or growth target -- is essential in creating empathetic, emotional connections."
    • Go deeper: Want to Double Your Employees' Loyalty? Science Says Provide These 3 Things
  2. Six Reasons Millennials are Pushing for Smarter Workplaces - Future of Work
    • Why this? "Millennials" + a positive sentiment in the same sentence = warms my heart 
    • Bottom Line: The saying, “work smarter, not harder” resonates with millennials in the workforce, placing a big emphasis on productivity 
    • Whoa: Go "anywhere" on your lunch break - could VR provide a new sort of getaway - even on a 15 minute break?
    • Training gets REAL: "VR can take your employee out of their cubicle and into the heart of their training activities."
    • Go deeper: Dell & Intel Future Workforce Study
  3. The Story Behind the Rainbow Flag - 99u
    • Why now? It's Pride Month - I'm heading to the parade here in NYC this weekend. How do you support LGBTQ employees in your workplace? 
    • The First Rainbow Flag: It was first created and sewn together "in an attic of a San Francisco gay community center".
    • On The Creator, Gilbert Baker: “I’m sure if he were here today, he’d take understandable pride in this achievement. But I’m guessing he’d read the news about someone somewhere being harassed, abused, evicted, etc. for displaying the rainbow flag, and he’d remind us all that the work remains unfinished.” 
    • Make A Difference: Help save young LGBT lives - donate to The Trevor Project
  4. Why HR needs a thoughtful remote work policy - HR Dive
    • Why this? Many companies are still behind in the remote work policy department - 57% of companies lacking a remote work policy
    • Key considerations: Make the policy fair and transparent. Start small and test it out - then expand 
    • The Fight for Talent: “This is becoming the baseline for attracting top talent. Companies that aren’t willing to have a remote workforce are going to potentially miss out on having top talent.” - Katie Evans, senior communications manager at Upwork
    • Leading example: Trello - they have 100 employees, with 2/3 working remote. The rest are in NYC and San Francisco offices
  5. SHRM18 Roundup & Recap
    I'm sure more recaps, lessons learned, and big takeaway posts will be rolling out across the Interwebs in the coming days and weeks. Here's an early roundup of what people are saying about SHRM 2018:

Looking ahead to SHRM19:

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