HR Friday Finds: The Future of Work Edition

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Summer is officially here in NYC. Independence Day is next Wednesday and it's going to be sizzling in the 90s, beginning tomorrow through next week. I hope everyone stays cool and enjoys the 4th of July!

For my Friday Finds each week, I've been highlighting a variety of HR-related articles that caught my attention throughout the week. I'm switching it up and giving a roundup of five interesting "Future of Work" articles that I hope you find as fascinating as I did! Here we go:

  1. The Art Of Managing A Mobile Workforce - HR Technologist (Apoorva Kulkarni)
    • Bottom Line: While flexible work remote policies can attract better talent and help retain workers, don't forget the important day-to-day logistics that lead to productive collaboration.
    • Significant Number: "Gartner predicts that half of the future workforce will work outside the traditional office setting most of the time by 2020."
    • Feeling Like You're There: When building out or picking remote tools for your company, thinks about the "in room" experience. i.e. Is it seamless for those outside of the office to fully participate with colleagues?
    • Go deeper: Four Ways To Keep Your Remote Team Happy And Motivated
  2. The rise of the digital colleague - IDG Connect
    • Why this? Many of the "colleagues" we work with today aren't even flesh and blood. Technology floods our workspaces every single day. What's changing? AI-enabled technology will work with us in whole news ways. 
    • Bold statement: “One third of your workforce is going to actively fight against AI. And it’s important that you identify them and remove them from your company.” - PwC CIO John Eisenstein
    • Should we fear?: Edwin Van Bommel, Chief Cognitive Officer at IPsoft says no. He contends the robots-replacing-humans media hype is way overstated. Certain industries will be greatly affected by AI...but it will be a targeted and smaller than we imagine.
    • Opportunities: Both education and healthcare industries will likely need to adjust the most, as they'll likely be working hand-in-hand with digital colleagues even more down the road.
  3. The 3 key skill sets for the workers of 2030 - World Economic Forum
    • Who is at risk? According to the McKinsey Global Institute, demand for physical and manual skills, along with basic cognitive skills will decrease. At the same time, demand for higher cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, and technological skills will continue to grow between now and 2030.
    • Big Picture: "Skill shifts will play out differently across sectors."
    • How To Stay Ahead: Invest heavily in developing "soft skills" and "higher cognitive thinking", such as creativity, critical thinking, and decision making. And of course, technological skills will become more relevant than ever.
    • Who woulda thunk: That Humanities degree just might pay off!
  4. How to prepare your kids for jobs that don’t exist yet - Fast Company
    • Huh? Avi Goldfarb, author of Prediction Machines, says three opportunities in particular will at the forefront in the coming years: people who build AI (duh), people who determine what to do with AI's output (ok), and third --- celebrities (huh?).
    • The Sweet Spot (for Talent): “The most valuable combinations of skills are going to be people who both have good training in computer science, who know how the machines work, but also understand the needs of society and the organization, and so have an understanding of humanities and social sciences.” (Gartner report from 2017)
    • Chin-Up: According to Gartner, AI will "create more jobs than it kills".
    • Encourage well-rounded kids: The future of work will be more about adaptability, so encourage your kids to take interdisciplinary courses that weave together different disciplines, theories, and knowledge.
  5. What do leaders need to think about for the future of work? - Silicon Republic
  • Bottom line: Although we often think about employees being affected by technological change, it's also going to affect employers -- and leaders need to step up.
  • Best quote: "The future of work is here now, and leaders need to be preparing themselves and their teams to be thinking in new and different ways."
  • Leaders, get on your radar: Design thinking, creative and exponential thinking, change agility, think like a start-up, and more.
  • Go Deeper: The Art of Change Leadership: Driving Transformation In a Fast-Paced World

What's on your mind? Did any of these articles strike you in a big way? I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or questions. Leave a comment below!