HR Friday Finds: #SHRM18 Eats, Being Consistent, & Rise of the Bots


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June, we're rolling right along.

I'm trying to avoid serious feelings of FOMO as HR folks tweet about their preparations for #SHRM18 - which I'll be following closely on good 'ol Twitter.  

This week I continued to dig into Jacob Morgan's "The Employee Experience Advantage" and will wrap it up by the weekend.

Next on my HR/career-change to-read list:

Okay, let's jump into other HR-related news and stories from the week:

  1. 5 Foods You Have to Eat During #SHRM18 in Chicago - Workology
    SHRM's 2018 annual conference kicks off on June 17th. Chicago's food scene is fantastic (I lived there for 6 years) and Megan Purdy does a nice job giving a rundown of traditional Chicago fare.
  2. Why we struggle with consistency, and how to rethink it - Madeleine Dore
    • Why this? Consistency isn't HR-specific, but I've been thinking a lot about consistency since launching this journey to document my move into HR. What will it take to blog consistently, even when I don't feel like it?
    • The good news: Consistency, like procrastination, can become a habit.
    • Best quote: "Consistency doesn’t have to be all or nothing – you are not simply consistent or inconsistent, rather it is an accumulation of what we do over time."
    • Another take: Mel Robbins' insight that procrastination is a form of stress relief is super interesting - and an angle I hadn't heard of before - watch this short video of Mel's take on procrastination
  3. How Much Would It Cost To Get You To Move Home?  - Tim Sackett
    • The bottom line: Small towns are offering folks who grew up there to come back - with strings and money attached. Why? There just aren't enough people with the right skill sets to fill the jobs.
    • Tim's take? It's shortsighted. Instead of using money for bribes, use it for "scholarships and internship programs for kids who have shown an interest to want to work local, go to school locally, and believe they want to return and work local after graduation." Fill the pipeline locally - a better, long term strategy.
    • Go deeper: $10,000 For Remote Workers To Move To Vermont
  4. Benefits For Bots And Other HR Conundrums - Forbes
  5. Here’s how unconscious bias can distort performance reviews - people matters
    • Why it's timely? It's annual review season for many companies. These helpful tips allow us all to see which biases may be creeping into our reviews.
    • In the news: Starbucks' recently closed their 8,000 to host a racial bias training for their employees -- as with all things, it was met with praise, criticism, and seen by some as a branding opportunity.

What's on your mind? Did any of these articles strike you in a big way? I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or questions. Leave a comment below!