Josh Hersh
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Josh Hersh
writer. life coach. spiritual explorer.


a global community for queer introverts.

we create social gatherings that are quiet, queer & sober.



Queer social spaces tend to be loud, intense on the senses, and overflowing with alcohol.

Where do queer people who identify as introverted go to find meaningful conversations in a less-stimulating atmosphere? Put simply, “Where do the quiet gays go?”


The barriers

  • A departure from many queer social spaces — will anyone resonate with a new kind of social space?

  • Is it possible to draw introverts into a new type of “scene”?

  • Find affordable event space to create the atmosphere needed to meet queer introverts as they are.


Project Elements


Logo Design Iteration

Final version of the queeret logo.

Instagram - Primary Social Channel

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qalm (pronounced ‘calm’) gatherings

Our signature qalm™ gathering has a few notable features:

  • Gentle lighting

  • Quiet music

  • qonversation cards

  • Booze-free beverages


qonversation cards

As an introvert and enthusiast of meaningful conversations, I created a card deck, to help attendees go deeper than the average conversation they might have at work or even with friends.

My life coaching training helped me to fall in love with the art of asking questions.

So this deck was created with questions I have used with coaching clients in the past, along with new questions that are geared to a queer audience — specifically. queer introverts.


I liked the sense of community with qalm where all voices are respected and celebrated...After leaving the event I felt my sense of self was rounded out and balanced, like I expressed myself in a comfortable, new way.
— Kevin, Manhattan
qalm was full of humans who were incredibly welcoming. There was so much laughter in the room.
— Aimee, Brooklyn
I loved being able to authentically connect with other people while really being was nice to slow down and just be around other queer people. This event really lifted my spirits.
— Andrew, Manhattan
I love that people were down to talk about vulnerable matters. It felt like a safe place to be and relax even with people I just met.
— Kei, Queens


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