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About Josh

Hi there! I'm Josh. I've worn many hats in my professional life (find me on LinkedIn). Regardless of the industry I'm working in, I approach everything with thoughtfulness.

What are the challenges ahead of us and how can we thoughtfully work together to reach our goals?

It's an approach to life that dives beneath the surface, uncovering what's meaningful and too often overlooked. This thoughtfulness is driven by curiosity and the desire to always improve.

I'm currently in the midst of learning more about Human Resources, in order to make a possible career move. Learn about my journey here.

I'm especially interested in:

  • Company culture and how it is shaped
  • The ins and outs of employee experience
  • The strategic value and importance of employee onboarding
  • How learning and development, as well as career development creates happy and productive workplaces 

In my spare time, I love to geek out on and drink wine, read mostly non-fiction books, explore the city on foot, and relax with my cat, Liza. I also love ice cream!

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY.


My Work in the World

01. life coach

Don't put it off. What is it you've always wanted but haven't quite achieved? I work one-on-one with individuals to make it happen.

I studied and graduated from the International Coach Academy.

02. facilitator

My style of facilitating is to ensure all voices are heard, tough conversations are had, and the group walks away with a plan of action.

I honed my skills with the help of the Association for Talent Development.


03. communicator

Whether it's interpersonal, the written word, or public speaking, all of the projects and task I take on are powered by my gift and love of communication.

04. entrepreneur

My mind is constantly thinking through this lens: What can we create here? From running my own business to working on several side projects, there's nothing quite like building something from nothing.


Side Hustle + Projects

  Gay Cat Dads  apparel celebrates the connection between felines and their gay dads.

Gay Cat Dads apparel celebrates the connection between felines and their gay dads.

 Meaningful events I designed to create community & belonging.

Meaningful events I designed to create community & belonging.


“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”

Brené Brown  |  researcher. storyteller. texan.

                                                                                  Click above to learn more about #MyJourneyToHR

                                                                                 Click above to learn more about #MyJourneyToHR


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