About me


Life, for me, centers around wandering and wondering.

Wandering. There’s beauty living in different cities. So much to uncover. The people. The geography. The way of life. Adventures never anticipated. This involves the physical world. Space.
There’s also exploration of the mind. Excavation of soul. I read somewhere once that the vastness of the mind matches, if not supersedes, that of the universe. May we all be wanderers, traversing mind, body, and soul.

Wondering. This is the place I truly call home. Contemplating the world, intertwined with the big ideas that make us human. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Wonder rather than doubt is the root of all knowledge.” The connection of ideas, one to another, is an endless fascination. The bigness of ordinary moments. Brunch turns into a sacred communion. The subway becomes an exchange of humanity. May curiosity drive us deeper into ourselves and closer to each other.


I’m driven by connectedness, and seek out opportunities in my work to find links between situations and needs, and to uncover the bigger ideas at hand.

During my time working as a communications director on a congressional campaign, I loved piecing together words with ideas, to draw out a larger message and connect people to policy.  Working in wine, I again went beyond sales and connected that deliciousness in a bottle to the stories, place, and human hands which made such a drink possible. As a life coach and business owner, it was vital to help my clients connect with their own story. To reach out to my client’s customers in a way that formed a meaningful, genuine bond.


I’m motivated by opportunities where I can bring out the best in people, help everyone succeed together, and operate at their best, according to their strengths.

Cultivating others begins with cultivating self. There are so many moments of growth that shaped who I am today…

Getting cut from the basketball team in 8th grade
Coming out of the closet in college
Studying and practicing my way through life coaching school
Living amidst the diversity of the world in some of America’s greatest cities.
Heartbreak. Disappointment. Failure.

All of these were my teachers.


it’s safe to say i have an intimate relationship with books. Some of my favorite authors include…

Alan Watts. Brené Brown. Peter Block. Martin Marty. Rebecca Solnit. Joshua Abraham Heschel. Thich Nhat Hahn. Mary Oliver. Danielle Laporte. Parker Palmer. Eboo Patel. Russ Hudson. Thomas Merton. Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg. Krista Tippett. Carl Honoré. Barbara Brown Taylor. James Baldwin. Joseph Campbell.


my cat daughter, liza

part sweet. part sassy.